We help your company with an independent and individually tailored analysis for you and your employees, all to ensure that each person has the right function on their mobile subscription.

Subscription Package

Get full control of the company’s telephony costs with our service Subscription check.

With Abonnemangskollen, you get a correct current status report on all employees’ ring patterns. In this way, we can also match the right person with the right subscription. You can sit back while our experts handle the negotiations with the operators.

The subscription check is there for you to get a true overview of the company’s ring pattern. In order for an analysis to be completely correct, we look at the ring pattern for each person in the company. In this way, you ensure full cost control and that each person has the right functions on their mobile subscription.

You do not need to spend time on your own analysis, which will be cost-effective as you can focus on your core business.

Make savings on your mobile telephony and / or make sure you have the right features for every person in the company.

Get a correct current situation report and an action plan.

Single point of contact, You get a designated expert with many years of experience who handles the negotiators directly with the operators.

The analysis is completely independent and you do not commit to any purchase requirement of the proposals generated by the report. Maybe you get confirmation that the company's current subscription plan is completely correct.

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