We are your partner in exchange, telephony and broadband. That is why we deliver much more than just the products and services themselves. We have several smart solutions for you who want a safe and secure communication solution.

Service agreement

Administration of telecom and exchange solutions often tends to be demanding. Therefore, we offer a service agreement which means that we take care of that administration. We will be your only contact with the service and product suppliers so you can relax and focus on other and more important tasks.

  • Agreement management
  • Subscription management
  • Switching management
  • Sim card on site
  • Product information
  • Support matters against the service and product suppliers
  • A number and an e-mail address for all support matters
  • Unique promotions and offers
  • Contract prices when purchasing products
  • Loan telephone for service matters

Mobile Partner Financing

More and more entrepreneurs and businesses are realizing the importance of strong liquidity. Do you want to avoid tying up capital and straining your liquidity? Then it may be better to finance equipment and solutions externally instead of with own liquid funds. Financing through us is used when you need a certain type of equipment but do not necessarily need to own it.

Rent is a form of financing that is well suited for mobile and telecom products where technical development is rapid and upgrades and additions are common. Rental is today the most common form of financing as companies and businesses do not want to use their liquidity for financable investments.

During the contract period

Can the equipment be easily upgraded or extended
Can the equipment be replaced
Fully insured equipment during the entire contract period

After the contract period

Can the customer return the equipment
Buy the equipment at market value
Extend the contract


The products are fully insured
Quick and easy financing
Easy to budget
Good for cash flow / liquidity
Contract time can reflect longevity in an optimal way
100% deductible

Easy to update to new versions without the need for new investment

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