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We at Mobile Partner have a long experience of telephony solutions and offer a wide range of exchange connections from several different suppliers, all to adapt the solution to your specific needs.

We ourselves use Easy telephony, an operator-independent exchange solution that can combine both mobile, fixed and softphone extensions. With this exchange solution, you get access to, among other things, a queue function, unique welcome messages, referral status and a common telephone book. Other suppliers we work with in exchange solutions are Telia, Telenor, Tele2, 3, Swyx and Phonera. There is a lot to choose from and we promise to help you find the perfect solution for you.

Some features of Easy Telephony


In Easy it is easy to refer, you can change your referral status to meeting, sick, VAB, vacation, etc. If you are going to a meeting that you know takes an hour, then you can set the reference to change from meeting to available after one hour. You can do this in Easy Soft, Easy Mobile, Easy Fast, on the web or by calling your reference number. This way, your colleagues always know if you can receive a call or not. Should someone call you, they can always leave a message or the call goes on to the switchboard or colleague.

Unique welcome messages

In Easy it is possible to add unique welcome messages. When your customers call you, they hear the message. If you are busy and cannot answer then you can have another message or have a message that is played in the call queue.

Flexible telephone space

The operator can receive calls in Easy Soft, in his mobile phone (Easy Mobil) or his landline (Easy Fast). Regardless of where you answer, you handle the call either via the graphical interface or via keystrokes.

Common phonebook

In Easy you have a common phone book for the company. You can easily search for title, department, name, email address, number, etc.… The phonebook is available in Easy
Mobil, Easy Soft and
on the web.

Fax mailbox

Everyone in the exchange gets access to their own fax mailbox. The fax that arrives ends up in your inbox as a PDF document. Now you can keep track of which faxes are yours and avoid the pile of paper at the fax machine.

Call recording

Whether you are on the go and only have your mobile or if you are at your desk, you can always record an ongoing call. All recordings you make are stored securely in
our servers in the GothNET
halls in Gothenburg.

Integrate PBX with Outlook and Exchange

There are lots of opportunities to integrate Easy Telephony into your exchange solution.
Contact our technician and explain to them how to proceed.
Or do it yourself via the
web interface.

Reports and statistics

In Easy you can extract reports for your entire organization. There are a number of defined reports that you can take out. incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, how many calls were queued, etc.… You can get these reports in the form of PDF documents or Excel documents.


We take care of everyone. The exchange is suitable for
all customers
1- 10,000.

Queue function

If you have many incoming calls on your exchange number, then there are various opportunities
to set up call

Card Number

Easy supports card numbers. Everyone in the switch can be reached by dialing the last 3-4 digits of
one’s number.


Regardless of whether you have referred yourself that you are at a meeting or busy, you can decide who should be able to call through the referral.


Easy Telephony

Do as we do on Mobile Partner – use Easy Telefoni as your exchange provider.

Easy Telefoni is an operator-independent exchange solution that combines mobile, fixed and softphone extensions. The exchange solution is based on the award-winning platform Telepo. Integrate your crm system with the exchange, connect with your exchange server, get complete statistics on your calling or let an integrated answering service help you answer the phone.

Complete telephone exchange with system telephones, dect etc. and Unified Communication: Video, chat and presence.

Server-based PBX with operating system from Microsoft, closely integrated with Microsoft Exchange. Easy to use and administer.

The mobile phones are part of the exchange with functions such as a system telephone with e.g. presence status of your employees.

As an exclusive partner, we offer Swyx both as a full-scale Cloud Service and customer-placed via a local server.


Examples of functions in Swyx

Complete telephony functionality
Instant messaging
Voicemail and fax for each user
Rich presence system
Integration with Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Lotus Notes®
Conference functionality
function – Intelligent call control (ACD)
Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR)
Integration of mobile phones (Fixed Mobile Convergence, FMC)
Contact center function
Collaboration (Web conferencing, desktop sharing)
Video telephony
Video telephony

Support of open standards, eg SIP

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