To complement your communication solution, we of course deliver broadband to you as well. In broadband services, we collaborate with two of Sweden’s leading suppliers: T3 and DGC.

Reliable broadband

The use of the internet has changed radically in recent years with a growing range of services that place demands on broadband. At a time when the internet is used for more than just surfing, you need real speeds, not just numbers.

We specialize in broadband via fiber, which gives you real speeds that can handle today’s and tomorrow’s internet services. Our specialization in broadband via fiber has meant that we have invested large resources in a powerful and reliable backbone network. We have a really large capacity in the network, which means that you always surf at high speeds with a stable connection. With broadband from T3, the whole family can surf, make calls, watch movies in HD quality, play online or load heavy files without any problems.

The real thing is also in our customer service. We run our customer service under our own auspices, which means short decision paths and high competence. When you contact us, you can expect a quick response and reliable support. A real treatment quite simply.

Internet connection

The Internet can be connected directly to a place of business via a Fixed Connection or centrally to the company’s IP-VPN or data hall service. With DGC’s Internet connection, you get a good foundation to start from when you want to further develop the company’s communication and supplement with solutions for, for example, IP telephony and remote workplaces.

Some of the benefits of DGC’s Internet connection

Guaranteed bandwidth from 512 kbit / s to 10 Gbit / s

  • Fixed public IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as needed
  • Primary and secondary DNS for name lookup over IPv4 and IPv6
  • Access to outgoing smtp server for mail
  • Low, stable response times within DGC’s network and towards peering and transit points
  • Can be supplemented with additional services for eg redundancy of connection and hardware


With DGC’s IP-VPN solutions, you get a turnkey multi-service network that connects geographically different places of business in a private and unified network. The web can handle all your communication in one solution; data, tal, video. Choose for yourself how open or limited the communication should be between connected IP networks and how the traffic should be prioritized. The solution gives the entire company access to centralized resources regardless of where your offices, stores or other businesses are located.

Some of the benefits of DGC’s IP VPN services

  • Scalable up to thousands of connections
  • Routed networks (layer 3) built in distributed MPLS-VPN
  • Offered with redundancy and customer-placed router
  • Traffic prioritization in different traffic classes for real-time applications or other prioritized communication

Ethernet VPN

DGC’s Ethernet VPN solutions connect local networks or departments in a common network with full flexibility. The service is delivered either as a point-to-point connection or point-to-point multiplex in warehouse 2. Technologies such as MPLS and so-called hierarchical VPLS are used to realize the service. You can choose to connect your places of business to a large common network or place routers yourself to separate the networks.

Some of the benefits of DGC’s Ethernet VPN services

  • Modern MPLS / VPLS technology for very high capacity and reliability
  • A network bridge that extends the local data network between two or more places of business
  • Can be combined with VLAN-transparent connections
  • Enables you as a customer to administer routing over your WAN

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